PIC License Assessment

Table of Contents

1 Badge-It Tasks

Task Silver Gold Platinum
PIC Knowledge Explain what a PIC is, and why they can be useful    
PIC Circuit Design Design a PIC Circuit using software   Design and program an original PIC circuit
PIC Programming Code 3 of the PIC Programming scenarios Code 5 of the PIC Programming scenarios Code all 7 of the PIC Programming Scenarios
Advanced programming Demonstrate the use of analogue AND digital inputs when writing code Design a new scenario, and write a PIC program for it  
Circuit Manufacture Solder together a working PCB Solder together the license, demonstrating good technique and with all components well mounted on the board. Solder together the board, with immaculate soldering technique and all components sited perfectly on the board.
Connectivity   Independently upload an original program to a PIC, and test it works. Write a PIC program in GenieBASIC