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1 Badge-It Tasks

Task Silver Gold Platinum
Key Terms Explain the terms PIC, Multimeter and Stripboard    
Puzzle Solver Use a multimeter to solve 3 puzzle boxes Use a multimeter to solve 6 puzzle boxes Use a multimeter to solve all 9 puzzle boxes
Getting to know you Name three things a multimeter can detect Correctly set and use a multimeter to detect any given resistor. Independently use a multimeter to measure voltage, resistance and test for continuity when appropriate.
PIC-me-up Connect a PIC controlled circuit to a computer, and push a program to it. Explain why PIC chips are used.  
PIC Hacker Complete the first 5 programming tasks Complete the first 8 programming tasks. Complete all the tasks, and the final challenge
Stripboard Designer Complete the first two stripboard design challenges Complete the third stripboard challenge Complete the final stripboard challenge
Stripboard Builder Build a working stripboard circuit Solder together either the second or third stripboard circuit Solder together the final stripboard challenge
Thinker Identify objects in the real world which contain ICs. Use the spot-face cutter in designs to make them more efficient. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of using stripboard to make circuits.