1 Badge criteria guidance


  • Below guidance has been provided for the award of badges.
Criteria Silver Gold Platinum
Fundamentals of Electricity Understand how voltage effects charged particles of charge Understand the relationship between Voltage and Currentence and Current Understand the relationship between Current, Voltage and Resistance
Resistors and Ohms's Law Identify resistors by colour codes Use Ohm's law  
LEDs Identify parts of an LED Explain how the LED symbol relates to real LEDs Simulate LEDs in a circuit
Circuit Design Understand the need to protect LEDs Independently design a PCB  
Soldering Solder a working PCB Solder a working PCB with neat component placement Solder a working PCB with neat componenet placement and perfect solder joints
Assembly Assemble a working Torch Assemble a working torch with perfect counter sinks Assemble a working torch with perfects counter sinks and a polished finish