An Introduction to Mechanisms

1 Build

Learn It

  • The initial build for this project won't take long.
  • You're going to build the basic frame of your mechanisms project, before designing the cams.

Build It Part 1

  • Collect the pieces you will need.


  • First you'll need the base and the two corner supports.


  • Apply some PVA glue to the finger-joints of the supports.


  • Then insert them into the base.


  • Now take the side struts and apply a little more glue to the finger-joints and along the edges.


  • Fix them using the corner supports, so that they are perpendicular to the base.


  • Next you'll need the follower guides.


  • Apply glue to the finger joints, and insert them between the verticle struts.

build_10.jpg build_11.jpg

  • And that's the first part of the build completed.

Badge It - Silver

  • Take a picture of your completed frame and upload it to

Build It Part 2

  • Collect the pieces you will need.


  • First you'll need the pulley crank handle part - with the hole in it.


  • Use the countersink tool to countersink the hole and then place the machine screw through it and tighten the nut on the opposite side using the spanner.


  • Next collect the following 2 parts and place them together as seen below.

build_part2_4.jpg build_part2_5.jpg

  • Now use some PVA glue and glue the one end.


  • Now slide the other pulley side (no hole) over the cam shaft.


  • Next slide the pulley into place and put PVA glue on the flat surface.


  • Next, place the hexagonal part in place and then glue the flat surface.


  • Finally, place the first pulley handle in place and slide them to the end.

build_part2_10.jpg build_part2_11.jpg

  • Now tape these parts to the side of your frame, Do not push it through the frame, as this will glue it in place.

cam_base1.JPG cam_base2.JPG cam_base3.JPG