A Box for your projects

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1 Badge criteria guidance


  • Below guidance has been provided for the award of badges.
Criteria Silver Gold Platinum
Boxer Assemble the storage box with a resonable degree of precision Assemble the box neatly, with little or no excess glue, and all the parts neatly mated together  
Craftsman Design a simple name-plate to go onto the box Design a name plate with a graphic, and a more intricate shape than a rectangle Independently use the laser cutter to produce a name-plate
Best mate Use SolidWorks to mate three pieces of the storage box together correctly. Create the entire storage box assembly. Use movement constraints to ensure the box closes neatly.
3D Designer Create a sketch and fully define it for a 3D shape of given dimensions Fully define a part for the storage box.  
Brainbox Identify different materials that a storage box could be made from. Critically evaluate pre-existing storage solutions.  
Judgement Day Explain why is is important to test a product. Identify areas of strength and weakness of your storage box, and suggest an improvement.