PRD Work


Year 7 - Design Engineering

  • Please click on the link below to download the document required for the work.
  • Year 7 work for PRD
  • This work will use Circuit Lab, as can be seen below.


Year 8 - Design Engineering

  • In term 4, you will learn about levers. There are three classes of levers, The most common use of levers is to create a mechanical advantage in order to assist in an action, as seen with pliers, door handles, pry bars, staplers, and wheelbarrows.
  • More can be read about lever in the this project. (click on the link to read more).

Your Work

  1. Find out what mechanical advantage means.
  2. Use three examples, for each, describe the mechanical advantages it provides AND explain what happens when the distance between the fulcrum and the effort changes. For example, what is the mechanical advantage of a wheelbarrow? What happens when the person who pushes the wheelbarrow holds the wheelbarrow’s handles closer to the load?
  3. Once complete, upload your work to 8.4 Practical Mechanisms - SRD Work on (it is the last badge in the topic).

Year 9 - Design Engineering

  • Later this year you will be designing and building your own electric drag car.
  • Electric cars have been around for many years; you will need to research this.
  • Click on the link, Bournetoinvent, you will be able to read up on the history of the electric car.
  • Complete the Silver and Gold badges for week 1, 'The BRM e-Racer' and upload your work to

Year 10 - Design Engineering

  • Continue with the coursework development of your current design project.

Year 11 - Design Engineering

  • Continue with the coursework development of your GCSE project.

Year 12 - Design Engineering

  • Continue with your current project coursework write-up.

Year 13 - Design Engineering

  • Continue with your A-Level coursework write-up.