BGS Safe


1 Introduction

  • In this extension project you will be designing your own PCB and etching your own board.
  • This will take a long time with have been warned. However it maybe good to work on in little sections when you finish each topic a little early or tackle at lunchtimes.
  • The box design has been provided but as a Solidworks task you may want to design your own. However I would recommend strongly using our locking mechanism.
  • You will then need to build the box.
  • Finally the PIC will need programming to allow the keypad to turn the servo and open the box.


2 The circuit

  • Open Circuit Wizard and make the following circuit:


  • Click on the PCB Tab and make the following circuit:



3 The box

  • Here is the plan for the box.

Safebox Plan

  • This will need to cut out on the lasercutter.
  • Use the next two videos to construct the box.

4 Programming the safe

  • You will need to open your circuit wizard file.
  • This will need to be coded in GENIE Basic.
  • More to follow…