555 Astable Multivibrator

1 Introduction


  • You can find DIYlc here on the open drive G:\Design Engineering\Student Home software\DIYlc.
  • below is an example, but you can create your own design.


  • Once you have designed your board, you can get a piece of veroboard and cut it to size, by counting the holes on your own design.

Breaking the tracks

  • Before you can solder or place your components, you need to prepare the veroboard.
  • First, you will need to break the track under the 555 IC. This can be done using a track break or using a countersink tool as shown below.


  • You will now need to drill 2 holes for the battery wire using a 2mm drill bit.


Component placement

  • Below is a picture of an example board.
  • Note how the components are as close to the board as possible, along with the jump wires.