Headphone Splitter


1 Introduction

  • Disclaimer: The project is intended for learning purposes only, do not use in your own devices.
  • You are going to make a headphone splitter inspired by and designed by A. Williams.

Wiring the input sockets

  • Below are pictures of how the input sockets are connected.
  • Ensure you are using stereo input sockets.
  • Ask your teacher to check if you are not sure.


Building the housing

  • You will need to laser cut the parts.
  • The cutting sheet can be found on the open drive: Design Engineering/Extension tasks/Headphone splitter.
  • You will need to change the black engrave colour to custom blue.
  • Here are all the parts you will need once it is cut out.


  • The nuts on the end of the inout sockets need undoing and the end caps placed onto the and then the nuts need to be refitted.


  • You need to place a little glue on the side caps and then glue the end pieces in place.


  • Now the 2 sides need gluing in place.


  • The middle parts need adding and then follow the next few steps.


  • You now need to push a M3 X 25mm screw through the splitter and tighten a nut on the other side.


  • You final headphone splitter will look like this.


  • You will need the 3.5mm stereo cables to connect your supposed devices.