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Evaluating Your Work

  • 1 Badge it


    • During your first week, download the Learning Pathway document and complete the form (Click on this link to go straight to the document). Upload this to the first evaluation badge in bournetolearn.com
    • At the end of the project, download the document again and complete it. 
      1. Have you made the progress you would like to have made?
      2. Comparing your initial LP document at the start of the project, with the one you have just completed:
        1. Which of the learning pathway areas have you not been able to tick?
        2. What do you intend to do to improve on this?
        3. If you have ticked all of the boxes, name an area you feel you could improve on even further and how do you intend to do this?


    • For independent design project, identify and explain 2 badge tasks - silver gold or platinum, that you feel went very well (these can be any specific tasks in researching, designing, making or evaluating) e.g, Adding the dimensions to the housing in SolidWorks?
    • Now identify 2 badge tasks - silver, gold or platinum, that you feel did not go well and why (these can be any specific tasks in researching, designing, making or evaluating) e.g, getting the multicore wires to go through the hole in the PCB?
    • How would you improve on the above 2 badge tasks if you were to build the project again?
    • Ask the person next to you to identify 2 badge tasks you could improve in the next project, this is known as stakeholder feedback.


    • Reference to contextual challenge and specification.
    • At the start of the project, we identified the contextual challenge (the problem that needs solving) and a specification (the list of criteria needed to solve the problem).
    • Refer back to the contextual challenge at the start and discuss how well your product solves the problem.
    • Refer back to the specification at the start and discuss each point, does your product fulfil all of the criteria? This is the evidence to prove that you have solved the contextual challenge.