Let's get arty! I would like you to decorate the front of your door buzzer in an Art Nouveau style. Not sure what Art Nouveau is? Watch this video:


Now you are going to be making using Solidworks the three parts that make up the door buzzer case.


Silver Task: Front piece


Above is the sketch of the front section of the door buzzer. Make it on Solidworks.

Note: The above sketch is not fully define but yours, ideally, should be. Look for the blue lines to help see what is and isn't defined.

Stuck or not sure where to start? Follow the video below.

Gold badge: Customise the front piece

Now that you have made it in Solidworks we need to export it as a DXF file and import into 2D Design.

Stuck or not sure where to start? Follow the video below.

Finally... we can start to add the Art Nouveau decorations. Stuck? Look back to find skill reminders with 2D Design here.

Platinum badge: Two other pieces and assembly

Back piece


Middle section

Once you have the three parts you can start to make them into an assembly and mate together. However the middle section needs to be bend into shape. Now sure how to do this?

Watch this:


Upload your work to Bourne to Learn in the 'Get Arty' sections.