Art movements are a set of styles that people where making art and objects at a certain time. There are LOADS of different art movements but today you are going to learn about one; Art Deco.

Watch the following video:

Silver Badge Task:

Answer the following questions:

  1. When was the Art Deco movement?
  2. From what countries did it originate from?
  3. Art Deco is shorten version of?
  4. What drove Art Deco globally?
  5. Name a building that was made in the Art Deco style?
  6. Which other art movements/styles/countries did Art Deco borrow from?
  7. Name a Polish painter who captured this glamorous style?
  8. What happened to the style in the 1930s?
  9. What was the main art movement after the Second World War?
  10. Finally - what makes something Art Deco?

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Gold Badge Task:

You are now going to use Solidworks to make your own Art Deco piano case.

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