Contextual Challenge (the problem that needs solving)


Bored of knocking on a door? Try the new door-o-matic 2000! Push the button to alert the occupant of a visitor. Perhaps your hands are full and it is easier to press the button than knock? Sore throat and cannot make much noise? We've got you covered! 


The below table helps us to prioritise the requirements for our door buzzer, this table is known as a SPECIFICATION.

Specification (the list of criteria that needs completing to solve the problem)




lightweight to hang on a door LED so you know you have pushed the button  be personalised with your name or a design on the front
method of attaching to the door handle easy to change the batteries  
loud enough to hear  the middle section is well folded   
easy to use  the LED and switch should fit neatly into the case  
Be safe to handle - no sharp edges  exciting colours