Contextual Challenge (the problem that needs solving)

Over the next 2 years, you will be making a number of projects that require microcontroller programming an d component placement. So in you first project (the challenges) you learned the basics of component placement and programming, you will now start to learn how the circuit works.

The below table helps us to prioritise the requirements for our storage box, this table is known as a SPECIFICATION.

Specification (the list of criteria that needs completing to solve the problem)

Must Should  Could

Be able to identify and know where to place the following components on a PCB:

LED, Diode, voltage regulator, 8-pin chip carrier, thermistor and potentiometer

Be able to compare colour codes with measured resistor values. Add colour to your design
Be able to read the resistor colour code Be able to design a bespoke personalised housing for your project.  

Be able to identify the components and place them on a PCB


Identify good and bad solder joints