Contextual Challenge (the problem that needs solving)

Over the next 3 years, you will be making a number of projects which have small parts and components. If these are not stored correctly, parts and components will be lost. You will need to design and make a storage system to keep all of your parts, components and projects safe.

In our first full project we are going to be making a box to store all our future projects. However before we start we need to have a think about what we need it to be able to do. 

The below table helps us to prioritise the requirements for our storage box, this table is known as a SPECIFICATION.

Specification (the list of criteria that needs completing to solve the problem)




Be made from plywood  Be unique to help find it Be laser cut with name and designs 
Have a catch to stop the lid opening  Open and close smoothly Be painted or sanded 
To be at least dimensions 150mm X 90mm X 50mm    Be lined on the inside
Have your name on the inside    
Be safe to handle - no sharp edges