Wooden LED Torch


1 Introduction


Learn It

  • In For this project, you will create your own bespoke LED torch by laser cutting the top and bottom of the LED torch.
  • You can download and edit the TechSoft 2D Design file here.
  • I you can't remember how to add images to a TechSoft 2D Design file, go back to week 6 of the year 7 Storage box project.

Make It

  • You will need to edit the file and then laser cut it. If you need help with the laser cutter, here is a video tutorial.

  • Once you have laser cut the lid, you can then solder the PCB.
  • To find out how to solder the PCB, you can go back to the LED torch project to see the details.
  • Here is a quick link.
  • Below are all the parts you will need, excluding the screws.

  • You will need to counter sink the 4 corners of the lid only.


  • Now, the bottom and the middle acrylic parts on top of each other. Making sure the holes for the keyring holder line up.
  • Then place the PCB in place and bend up the positive/red wire.

  • Now place the battery in place and bend down the positive/red wire. Make sure the Positive/+ of the battery is the correct way around.

  • Now place the lid on top, making sure the keyring hole lines up.

  • You can now screw the 4 screws into the 4 corners.

  • Here is the finished Torch from both sides.