The Digital Die

1 Homework Tasks

1. 'Fake' Randomness

  • Find 3 products that use pseudo-random codes.
  • Find out why they use the randomness.
  • Include an image of each of the products and a brief description of how each one is used.

2. Genie Outputs

  • Genie output currents are too lower to drive high powered devices e.g. motors and solenoids. Therefore to get them to work they are controlled through a transistor.
  • Find two types of transistors and find how they operate, include the circuit symbol.

3. Binary Code

  • Mr Delport wants to use less LEDs in our projects!
  • Can you think of a method to use just 3 LEDs to display the numbers?
  • Hint: Use the binary system. Can’t remember? Click here.
  • Explain, with diagrams, how it would work.