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Design Project

1 Homework Tasks


1. Joint it

  • There are many ways to join two different pieces of wood, plastic or metal together.
  • Research and write a series of short paragraphs to describe and identify advantages/disadvantages for each of: Nuts and bolts, screws, pop rivets, glue and welding. e.g.
  • "Nails can be used to join two pieces of wood together by driving them from one piece of wood into the other with a hammer.
  • The advantage of using nails is the speed with which the materials can be joined together.
  • A disadvantage of nails is that the wood can split, and that it is easy to hit the wood by accident, marking the surface”
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2. Light It

  • LEDs are everywhere! In our TVs, on electrical items, street lighting and illuminating our homes.
  • Research the history of the LED, and explain why they’re becoming more popular. 200 words.
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3. Cutting or Printing It

  • Laser cutting, water jet cutting and 3D printing are relatively new technologies.
  • Research each of them; for each one, write a little about how it works, and what they can be used for. 200 words total.
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