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Design Project

1 The build-up


Assemble It

  • You've now created a 3D model, and are the proud owner of a working LED light circuit.
  • To finish, you'll need to build a cutting sheet from your 3D parts, laser cut them, stick them together and install your PCB.
  • To convert parts with no arches or curves, watch the video below.

  • If your design has curves or arches in it, watch the video below.

  • Build your cutting sheet, packing all the parts as tightly together as possible.
  • Remember to turn all the lines red, so that the laser cutter cuts through the material!

Badge It

  • Silver: Produce a cutting sheet with at least two parts on it
  • Gold: Produce a full cutting sheet for your product
  • Platinum: Produce a neat, tightly packed cutting sheet which minimizes waste.