555 Piano

Sounds good to me

In this project you'll be creating an electronic piano or other instrument that is going to make beautiful music.

Research It

  • The 555 timer will produce a pulse from the output to the speaker. The frequency of the pulse depends on the resistance of the circuit.
  • Watch this video on what makes a low and high pitched sound.

Badge It- Silver

  • Conduct some research on sound and what makes a note have a high or low pitch.
  • Ensure you include images of a high and low pitch sound.
  • Upload your findings to achieve the badge.

Resistance is not futile

  • Watch this video from 4 minutes in and explain how a 555 timer can be made to make music.

Badge It - Gold

  • Upload you notes from the video on using a 555 to make music


Research It

Research and collate your findings into a written report or presentation on a fully electronic music instrument such as (Do not research guitars or pianos):

  • Moog modular synthesiser
  • Theremin
  • Stylophone
  • Here is a nice site which has both old and new electronic instruments.
  • And one we could build as an extension task.

Badge It - Platinum

For your chosen instrument explain:

  • How does it work?
  • How do you play it?
  • Can you find an image?
  • Finally upload your work for the badge.