555 Piano


In this project you'll be creating an electronic piano, using an IC called a 555 timer.

Research It

Use web-based resources to research the following:

  • Firstly, what is meant by the term IC?
  • Secondly, looking up the 555 timer:
    • What does the 555 timer do?
    • What does astable mean?
    • What does monostable mean?
  • Watch the below video to help.

Badge It - Silver

  • Use PowerPoint or Word to write up your answers so far.
  • Include an image of a 555 timer.
  • Write a brief description of what it does.
  • Once you have completed your research. You will now need to explain how the transistor work to the person sitting next to you. Ask them to give you some feedback on how well you explained the operation and make a note of this in your badges.

Triple threat

Badge It - Gold

  • How many transistors, diodes and resistors are in a 555 timer?
  • Find a detailed diagram and explain what all of the pins do?
  • Stuck? Try here

Three is the magic number

Badge It - Platinum

  • Research the following and upload your work to www.bournetolearn.com.
    1. What is a flip-flop (in a 555)?
    2. What is a 556 timer (Search for '556 timer')?
    3. What would we use it for?