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The 555 Fan

1 Assembling the case.

Build It

  • Put together part of the case as shown below.
  • Do not proceed any further unless you have taken pictures of your PCB.
  • You are going to need to start with the parts below. Please note, the top and the bottom are not the same and there is a specific way around they go.


  • Now add glue to the following edges.



  • Start with a corner, make sure you use masking tape to hold it together.


  • Now add the motor shelf, ensure the motor is facing the top side.


  • Now you will need to glue the base in place. Collect the parts and put the glue on the edges.

  • Start by placing the small top edge in place.

  • Now glue the bottom front in place. Don't forget to use masking tape to hold it together.

  • You will now need to collect the nuts for the switch and the Potentiometer.

  • Start by placing the switch through the hole and adding the nut to the other side.
  • Check that you have this on the correct side - note the smaller cut outs on the sides.

  • Now you can add the Potentiometer.

  • This can now be glues in place - the battery snap feeds through the hole at the back of the project.
  • Place glue on the edges.

  • The motor now needs to be cable/zip tied in place.
  • Remember, the rough side faces inwards.
  • The motor terminals need to face up.

  • Once tied in place, the excess cable/zip tie can be cut using a side cutter.

  • Note the motor terminals at the top and the cable tie over the motor.

  • At the point, you must test your project again before gluing the front panel in place.
  • Once you have tested it, you can the add the glue and the front panel.
  • Make sure you put glue on all the edges. Note the yellow arrows show some of the places.


  • Here is the finished product. 
  • Note the battery in place.


Badge It

  • Take photographs of your fan (without the front cover) from front, side, top and perspective elevations.
  • Your badge will be awarded according to the quality of your work.