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Challenges Homework Tasks

1 Homework

Homework 1


  • Identify as many faults as you can in the soldered boards above.
  • For each fault, describe why you think think it is a fault and what are the possible electrical issues with fault.

Homework 2

  • Stripboarding is a method of designing a permanent circuit board. There are alternatives, the other method we use at BGS is etching.
  • Investigate the process of making a permanent PCB using an etching tank.
  • Record your findings in a document and upload them to

Homework 3

  • Draw the flowchart symbol for a 'decision' and describe the difference between an analogue input and a digital input.
  • Name 3 input components.
  • Name 3 output components.
  • Take a photograph of your work and upload it to homework 3 badge.