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A Project Storage Box


1 BBL Tasks


1. Solve It

  • Using a pencil and paper, design an alternative door buzzer that will produce a sound without using a battery, when a door is opened.
  • Hint: Look up bell crank linkages or mechanical door bells.
  • Upload an image of your work to BBL task 1 on bournetolearn.com.

2. Research It

  • The first electric doorbell was invented by Joseph Henry in 1831. He also invented the modern day D.C. motor.
  • Henry's doorbell used electromagnetism in its operation.
  • You can read more about his doorbell and other inventions by clicking here.
  • Research electromagnetism in other products and make a list of at least 10 other products which use electromagnetism in their operation.
  • Upload an image of your work to BBL task 2 on bournetolearn.com.

3. Research It

  • The box project is made from Acrylic (sometimes referred to as Pespex, which is a brand name).
  • This is a non-renewable product derived from the petroleum or coal-based chemicals and synthesized to for acrylic resin pellets.
  • There are many other materials that could be used to make the project.
  • As acrylic is not a renewable resource, do some research into three different renewable/recyclable materials that we could be use to replace the housing for the door buzzer.
  • Write down three advantages and three disadvantages of using these materials.
  • Include pictures of the materials.
  • Upload an image of your work to BBL task 3 on bournetolearn.com.