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The Door Buzzer


1 Assembling your door buzzer

Badge It - Silver

  • Firstly, follow the instructions given to you by your teacher and line bend the outer frame of your project.
  • Take a photo of the completed line bent frame and upload it to the silver badge on www.bournetolearn.com

Build It

  • The first task is to countersink the back of the door buzzer case.
  • Use a countersink-cutter to create the countersinks as shown below.


  • Make sure your M3x6 machine screws sit flush to the surface of acryclic.
  • Next you will need to add two M3 nuts onto the machine screws on the opposite side.


  • Now place the PCB on top of the screws, and then the barrel nuts on top of these. make sure you do not over tighten the nuts.


  • You can now attach the LED using a LED clip.
  • Next unscrew the nut on the PTM switch and push it into position. Then place the nut on and tighten it up.
  • Now run the wire through the line bent frame and place it in position.
  • Plug in the battery and put it in place. Make sure you test the circuit now before putting the front cover on.


  • Finally, place the front cover in place and put two more machine screws in place and tighten them up.




Badge It - Gold and Platinum

  • Take photos of both sides of your project.
  • Gold - Assemble a working door buzzer housing.
  • Platinum - Assemble a high-quality, working door buzzer


  • Customise the front of your door buzzer with images and text using 2D Design