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The Door Buzzer

1 Soldering your board

Build It

  • Gather the following components.
    • A 9 or 5V Buzzer
    • A BC547B Transistor
    • A 330Ω resistor
    • A 1kΩ resistor
    • and your board.


  • Solder these components directly to your board as shown below (ensure you get the transistor and the buzzer the right way around)


Build It

  • Now we need to solder on the LED.
  • To allow the LED to be mounted in the case, we're going to solder it onto flying leads.
  • Firstly, cut around 10cm of red and black multicore wire and strip the ends. Also find an 5mm LED in the colour you desire.


  • Now apply a little bit of solder to the long leg of the LED.


  • then apply a little solder to the stripped end of the red wire.
  • Now you can hold the two together, and use your soldering iron to apply a little heat. The solder will melt and bond the two together.


  • Now slide some heatshrink up the wire so that it covers the solder join. Use the edge of your iron to heat the heatshrink.


  • Repeat this with the short leg and the black wire, then twist the wires together.


  • You can now solder the flying leads into the board.

Build It

  • We need to do the same with the push-to-make switch
  • Twist red and black multicore wire through the holes in the legs of the switch.


  • Then add solder and heatshrink to secure the leads in place.


  • Then solder the leads to the board.

Build It

  • Lastly you need to solder your battery snap in place.
  • Feed the leads of your battery snap through the strain hole and then down into the solder holes as shown.


  • Then solder them in place.

Badge It

  • Take photos of your board from both sides.
  • Silver - Produce a soldered PCB (Mostly complete)
  • Gold - Produce a working PCB has neat wiring OR neat soldering
  • Platinum - Your working circuit has both neat wiring and soldering - IMAGE of the SOLDER SIDE