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An Introduction to Mechanisms

1 Modelling the Cam Mechanism


Learn It

  • Below you'll find drawings of each of the parts of the Cam mechanism that you are manufacturing.
  • None of the parts are to scale, so read the dimensions carefully

Follower Guide


Right-hand side


Left-hand side




Corner support


Follower axle


Main axle


Follower Cap


Badge It - Silver

  • After creating all the parts in SolidWorks. Upload one screenshot of the follower guide.
  • Adapt two of the Cams you have made, so that they have crosses in the centre to fit the axle.

Badge It - Gold

  • You are going to create an Assembly of your mechanism.
  • First task it to gather the files you need. The other 5 pieces needed are in the Open drive > Design Engineering > Year 7 > 4 - Mechanisms. > New
  • Select all the parts > CTRL +A then copy them CTRL + C. Navigate in your folders to your cam box folder and then paste CTRL +V 
  • These need to be saved into your area before you can begin assembling the frame.
  • The image below should help you understand how the pieces fit together.


  • Also there is a video to help.

Badge It - Platinum

  • Use the animation tools to create an animation of your working mechanism.
  • HINT - there is a special type of mate called a cam mate, see if you can use it to mate your cams to your followers.