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Evaluating Your Work

1 Badge it



  • Now, use the snipping tool and take a screenshot of your progress ladders as they are currently.
  • Using your current bar graphs, discuss the following:
    1. Which of the Design Engineering(DE) curriculum outcomes have you made the most progress in (hint: Look at how far each bar graph has progressed in the colours)?
    2. Now explain why you think you have made the most progress in for this outcome.
    3. Which outcome have you made the lease progress in?
    4. Explain why you think you have made the least progress in this outcome?
    5. Look back at your previous project evaluation, you stated what you intended to do to improve, have you done it yes or no and explain your answer.
    6. How do you intend to improve on the outcome with the lowest points in your next project.


  • For your current project, identify and explain 2 tasks that you feel went very well (these can be any tasks in researching, designing, making or evaluating)?
  • Now identify 2 tasks that you feel did not go well and why (these can be any tasks in researching, designing, making or evaluating)?
  • How would you improve on the above 2 tasks if you were to build the project again?


  • Self evaluation.
  • In your own words, describe how you managed the entire Design Engineering process for this project.
  • Here are some examples you could include:
    1. How well you managed your time?
    2. How well did you focus on your work?
    3. Did you complete all the badges?
    4. Did you try your best at all times?
  • Make sure you explain all of your answers (Why do you think this)?