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Building the Drag Car


1 Introduction

  • To be build a successful Drag racer, you will need to read and follow the instructions carefully.


  • building the wheels.
  • First cut 2 lengths of 3mm threaded bar. Make sure you put a nut on each end before cutting, this will help you fix the thread at the ends you cut by removing the nut.


  • Take the 2 pieces of 3mm threaded bar and the 8 sets of wheels (4 front and 4 back).
  • Put a nut on each side of the threaded bar, this will hold the first wheel in place.


  • You now need to place a small amount of PVA glue on each wheel and then use the nuts to tighten them in place while the glue dries.





  • The front wheel does not need gluing together. There is a video on building the front axle below.


  • Now you will need to glue the axle mounts in place, follow the pictures below.




Rear Axle and Pulley

  • You will now need to remove one of the rear wheels you glued earlier.


  • Then slide the axle through the axle mounts.


  • Now you can place the pulley on the opposite side. Be sure to place a nut either side of the pulley, this will tighten up against the pulley and hold it on the axle.


  • Now place the final rear wheel back on and secure the final nut.


Front Axle Mounts

  • The front axle follows a different process.
  • First, remove the 2 nuts previously put on the axles.
  • Now feed the axle through one side and place a nut on the one end.


  • Now slide the wheel between the axle and the hole provided. and place a nut on the other side.


  • Now tighten the nut onto either side of the wheel, ensuring it is in the centre.
  • Now add a 'nylock' nut to either side of the axle mounts.


  • Your completed chassis should now look like this.


Motor mount

  • Now put the motor together and mount it to the chassis.
  • First, you will need to solder the battery holder to the motor.


  • Now fit the front pulley by pushing them onto the motor. Place the back of the motor on the table to prevent the rotor pushing through the housing.
  • Make sure the pulley do not touch the motor, or it will not turn.
  • You can now cable tie the motor in place.


  • You can now glue the battery box in place.


Final Drive and Body

  • Mount the elastic band and you should have a complete chassis with electrics.


  • And fit the aerodynamic cover to test the fit.


  • You will now take home the Drag racer body and decorate as you wish.