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555 Piano

Design the Circuit


Design It

  • Below is an image of the circuit you are going to be using.


  • Use Circuit Wizard to replicate the circuit.
    • The 555 Timer can be found under Integrated Circuits
    • The Capacitors can be set to any capacitance you like once you have placed them.
    • The potentiometer's resistance can be altered once you simulate the circuit.

Badge It - Silver

  • Upload an image of the circuit to BourneToLearn.com

Test It

  • In Circuit Wizard, find the Virtual Instruments and then select a Digital Multimeter
  • Add it into your circuit as shown below.


  • Right click on the multimeter and make sure that it is measuring ohms.
  • Now hit the play button to simulate your circuit and watch what happens to the resistance when different switches are pushed.

Badge It - Gold/Platinum

  • Open a Word or Powerpoint document and insert, using screenshots, a set of images that demonstrates what is happening at each switch.
  • You will need to use the print screen button (PRTSCN) for each button that is pressed (6 buttons).
  • Add a description of what happens when different switches are pressed to your write-up.
  • Upload your work to BourneToLearn.com.
  • The quality of your description will determine whether it is gold or platinum standard.
  • Remember before uploading green pen matters!