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555 Piano


In this project you'll be creating an electronic piano, using an IC called a 555 timer.

Research It

Use web-based resources to research the following:

  • Firstly, what is meant by the term IC?
  • Secondly, looking up the 555 timer:
    • What does the 555 timer do?
    • What does astable mean?
    • What does monostable mean?
  • Watch the below video to help.

Badge It - Silver

  • Use PowerPoint or Word to write up your answers so far.
  • Include an image of a 555 timer.
  • Write a brief description of what it does.

Triple threat


Badge It - Gold

  • How many transistors, diodes and resistors are in a 555 timer?
  • Find a detailed diagram and explain what all of the pins do?
  • Stuck? Try here

Three is the magic number


Badge It - Platinum

  • Research the following and upload your work to www.bournetolearn.com.
    1. What is a flip-flop (in a 555)?
    2. What is a 556 timer (Search for '556 timer')?
    3. What would we use it for?