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The 555 Fan

1 Designing the Fan blade


Learn It

  • Fan blades are designed to push air.
  • There are many factors that will determine the speed and volume of air that passes through your fan blade.
    • Surface area of the blades
    • Number of blades
    • Pitch of the blades
    • Shape of the blades

Research It

  • Use online sources to find three different fan blade designs.

Badge It - Silver

  • Sketch out the design you are going to use on a piece of paper.
  • Write a couple of sentences to justify your choice of blade.
  • You can photograph and upload your work.

Design It

  • Watch the video below, this will help you design the basic fan blade.
  • You can the add or change you designs as you wish.
  • Ensure the fan blade is no wider than 70mm.

  • Once completed, the example fan blade will look like this.


Badge It - Gold

  • Take a screenshot of your completed CAD design of your fan blade, using either Techsoft 2D or Solidworks.

Badge It - Platinum

  • You've used the line bender before, but ask your teacher for a refresher if you've forgotten what to do.
  • Remember - you get one shot at this, so be careful not to snap your blades.
  • Once you've bent your blades into place, take a photograph of your finished fan blade.

Badge It - Bonus

  • Use SolidWorks to design your own 3D fan blade and then 3D print it.
  • Take a photo of your finished 3D printed fan and upload it to www.bournetolearn.com