The Digital Die

1 What is a Die?


Learn It

  • A Die can be used to generate a single digit random number between 1 and 6.
  • Having a digital version could be quite handy, especially when it's time for family board games.
  • There is a small problem with generating random numbers using a microprocessor or a computer however. In fact it's nearly impossible.

Research It

  • Have a read of this article. It explains (sometimes in a little too much detail) why random numbers are important.

Interesting Random Generation application

  • Watch this video to see real why random generation is so important.

Badge It - Silver

  • Try and answer the following questions:
    1. What is a pseudorandom number?
    2. What is a true random number?
    3. What is the example given for how a computer can generate a random number?
  • This is the Silver badge - Progress ladder, Yellow - Conduct some relevant research on a project, with assistance.

Badge It - Gold

  • You've had some experience with programming micro-controllers now, so you should have some idea of how they work.
  • Brainstorm some different ideas for how different input components could be used to generate some random numbers. What sensors could you use?
    • This is the Gold badge - Progress ladder, Green - Research a project in a variety of ways without assistance.