Contextual Challenge (the problem that needs solving)

Over the next 3 years, you will be making a number of projects that require soldering. So in our second project we are going to learn how to solder for our future projects. We also want a product that both promotes the school and it useful i.e. it can be used as a fridge magnet to hold all of our certificates.

The below table helps us to prioritise the requirements for our storage box, this table is known as a SPECIFICATION.

Specification (the list of criteria that needs completing to solve the problem)




Help students learn how to drill and solder their PCBs Have a range of components we can learn about Have the school name as part of the design
Have a strong magnet to stick to a fridge Use single and multicore wires Contain resistors, diodes, chip carriers
Be safe to handle - no sharp edges  Know how we can make a PCB using Circuit Wizard Use a range of resistors to allow the students to learn how the colour bands inform of their values
Be non functional i.e. doesn't work  Allow the students to be able to use a multimeter to measure the value of resistors