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1 PCB Housing

  • It is starting to look a lot like… we need a housing for our PCB board.
  • We can design this on Solidworks. As well as practising our skills on Solidworks we can check whether the parts will fit together.
  • Lots of the ideas are Xmas themed but you can make whatever you like but are limited in material to 100mm X 100mm.

Part 1

  • In this tutorial you will build a circuit board as a part and then import LEDs and the board into an assembly.

Part 2

  • In this tutorial we will make our own part - Xmas Tree or a reindeer etc.- to add to the assembly.



  • Autotrace is a tool in Solidworks which allows us to be able to draw around an image and make it into a part.
  • The tutorial will take you through how to switch on the add in Autotrace, how to check whether it is a suitable image - not all work - and how to extrude to 3mm.

- Do remember when you first import the image using sketch pitcure check the dimensions are no bigger than 100mm X 100mm.

  • Once extruded it can be made into a DXF and then imported into 2D design, change colours and finally emailed to the lasercutter.


  • This is a video from the year 7 Mechanisms project.
  • You can click on this link to go back and read it again.

Making holes

  • The holes need to be 6.8mm in diameter (3.4mm radius).

Badge It

  • Silver - Progress ladder, Yellow - Use a CAD package to draw shapes accurately to specified dimensions.
  • Gold - Progress ladder, Green - Demontrate the use of a 2D and 3D design package within a project.
  • Platinum - Progress ladder, Blue - Create multiple connecting parts using a CAD package.