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1 PCB Housing

  • It is starting to look a lot like… we need a housing for our PCB board.
  • We can design this on Solidworks. As well as practising our skills on Solidworks we can check whether the parts will fit together.
  • Lots of the ideas are Xmas themed but you can make whatever you like but are limited in material to 100mm X 100mm.

Part 1 - Inspiration and Sketching

  • First of all we are going to do some research. Try looking through google images and maybe use Instructables.com
  • Once you have found an idea, you can sketch it out on paper with a pencil and start thinking about what criteria our case/product is going to meet.


  • I've included four sketches for ideas. A good sketch should include:
  • materials, parts, dimensions (in mm), how it fits together, what the product should be do and some criteria.
  • Ideas for criteria are:
  • Waterproof, durable, fit three 5mm LEDs (6.8mm diameter/3.4mm radius holes), respond to changes in light, has an input or push-to-make switch, runs off 9V, is programmable, fun, educational, what the program does, functional i.e. holds a phone etc.


  • Sketch one - 'Traffic Lights'  


  • Sketch two - 'Snowman'









  • Sketch three - 'Wintry Scene'




  • Sketch four - 'Elephant phone holder'



Badge It

Upload a photo of your sketch, with some criteria, to the badge on Bourne to learn.


Part 2 - Using CAD / Solidworks

  • Snowman detailed sketch views here:

  • Wintry Scene detailed sketch views here:




  • Elephant detailed sketch videos here:

Snowman/Xmas topper video:


Elephant/Sleigh side video: 


Please watch this video. It will explain how to use the laser cutter.

Badge It

  • Silver - Progress ladder, Yellow - Use a CAD package to draw shapes accurately to specified dimensions.
  • Gold - Progress ladder, Green - Demonstrate the use of a 2D and 3D design package within a project.
  • Platinum - Progress ladder, Blue - Create multiple connecting parts using a CAD package.