Off Board Download Socket


1 Introduction

  • When designing a PIC circuit using a breadboard, you will need to be able to download your program to the PIC to test it.
  • To do this, we will need to build an off-board download socket.
  • Step one, cut a piece of veroboard, using the 3-in-1 cutter, the board needs to be cut 6 X 8 holes.
  • Make sure you cut the board with the tracks running length ways down.


  • Next, you will need to get the part for the socket, see the picture below.


  • Place the components as shown and then solder them.
  • *The 22k resistor is one over from the 100k resistor. Make sure you look carefully at the picture.


  • The pinouts are as follows:
  • Red = Program
  • Blue = Status
  • Black = Ground