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Design Project

1 3D CAD


Learn It

  • You'll need to design the parts of your housing in SolidWorks.
  • If you're not a confident SolidWorks user, these videos will walk you through building a quick letter rack using the basic design tools.

This video will talk you through the basics of making a 3D part. Watch it and follow along. 

  • To convert your 3D design to 2D design for the lasercutter, watch this video.

Design It

  • Design the housing for your light.
  • The PCB: Although you've not designed it yet, experience tells us that your circuit will be around 3mm X 25mm X 20mm (HxWxD). It's probably a good idea to design a small rectangular part this size, so that you can check later on that it'll fit inside your model. Don't worry about including holes to mount it yet (you can see some in my example at the top of the page) - we'll add these once you've designed your board.
  • The Switch: You'll want to use a small toggle switch to turn your light on and off. One of your side walls will need a hole with a 3mm radius (6mm diameter) in it for the switch to stick through. SolidWorks is a very popular program around the World, and many other engineers and designers have created detailed parts which they have shared with others. As it happens, you can download the switch you'll be using hereand insert it into your assembly. TIP: Once you insert the switch, make sure there will be some space for the wires to to PCB to go. You don't need a lot, but you don't want the back of the switch touching the PCB, for example.
  • Power wires: Are you going to store your battery inside the housing (more portable), or outside (for easy battery changing)? If you want it external, you'll want to include a 1.5mm radius hole somewhere on one of the side walls.

  • There is another online option to help you design a box Makercase which can be used to design a box. watch the video below for some help.

Badge It

  • To complete the badges you will need to click on the link at the bottom and complete the quiz. This will automatically badge your work.
  • You will need to be logged into www.bournetolearn.com to complete the badge.
  • You will also need to upload the screenshots of your mated parts, along with the quiz for this badge.
  • Click on this link 3D design
  • Silver: Design and mate together at least two fully defined parts in an assembly.
  • Gold: Include finger points in your assembled model parts.
  • Platinum: Create a fully defined complete design.